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Reducing Incidence and Severity of Seizures

Seizure disorders are complex, they can be divided into three major groups: focal (previously called partial), generalised and unknown.  Traditional treatment for epilepsy has been medication, but for those with refractory epilepsy medication does not work well, or sometimes at all.

Research into the treatment of epilepsy with neurofeedback training has included a series of studies in human epileptic subjects which documented a significant reduction in seizure incidence and severity, together with EEG pattern normalization.  It can be asserted that neurofeedback training for epilepsy seizure disorders is a well founded and viable alternative to anticonvulsant pharmacotherapy (Sterman, 2010).

Improving the symptoms of epilepsy.

Significant Improvement Rate

The treatment of epilepsy with neurofeedback training (EEG biofeedback) began over 30 years ago and was initially focused on “poorly controlled seizures who had proven unresponsive to pharmacological treatment” (Sterman & Egner, 2006, p.27).
Initial and ongoing results have shown that on average 80% of people who have enhanced SMR frequencies, utilising neurofeedback training have achieved significant clinical improvements.  A review of the studies/research literature found that 82% of 174 patients had shown significant improvement in seizure control [defined as a min 50% reduction in seizure incidence] and approximate 5% of these cases reporting a complete lack of seizures for up to one year post neurofeedback training (Sterman & Egner, 2006).

Discussion on Epilepsy and Neurofeedback Therapy

Please view this video from Dr. Jonathan Walker about the effects of neurofeedback training with his epileptic patients. 

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