Targeting Areas of Involvement

This is a mood disorder that can range from mild, moderate through to major depression, it can be of brief, short or long term duration.  The symptoms may involve a persistent period of depressed mood, that impacts on the individuals functioning across their social, occupational or other important life areas.  Depression can be co-morbid with anxiety, substance abuse, other psychiatric disorders, and in the more severe cases there may be a risk of suicide.
Research has shown that there can be biological predispositions for depression, this has been identified as “frontal asymmetry with more left frontal alpha activity, meaning that the left frontal area is less activated.” (Hammond, 2005)  There are areas of the brain that are more involved in the presentation of depression and these areas are targeted with neurofeedback training.

Treating Depression with Neurofeedback Training

Case Study: Lorraine

Lorraine was 63 years of age when she started neurofeedback training, an extremely bright and active woman who had been under unremitting stress for some time.  She had complained of depression and had constant ruminating (negative thoughts).  For over 35 years she had been treated for severe bipolar disorder, and had been on all appropriate and available medications during this time.  Childhood history indicated ADHD symptoms, but was an exceptionally bright student.  After a course of neurofeedback training her depression and ruminations improved and she was able to go off her medication.  In a three year follow up she had remained off medications and had been functioning reasonably well, she returned for some follow up sessions. (Thompson & Thompson, 2003).

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